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As a market with Suffolk at its heart, we know that it's our traders who give each one of our events their unique appeal.

As hard-working as they are creative and dedicated, meet some of the faces behind the stalls...

Tell us about your business?

I have worked in the building trade for 35 years but gave it up after a bout of shingles which left me unable to carry out the heavier work.


How did you get started?

I have always had an interest in antiques and interiors but lighting was something I had not tried before. I started making my first lamps around October 2013. Vintage has always held an interest for me, I love recycling objects once they are past their useful life.


Where are you based?

I am based in a workshop just outside of the Ipswich boundary and sell at markets which suit my brand.


What makes you different?

I offer something unique to people and display it to its full potential. I also offer a bespoke service to anyone wanting something personal to them made into useful lighting.


How do you source your stuff?

My stock of items is readily available and friends often bring it to me, I also search scrap yards, yard sales and online auctions.


What's the most unusual item you've made?

My most unusual item has to be a full-sized tuba which I turned into a standard lamp, standing six-feet tall.


How do you stay ahead of trends?

I don't follow trends too rigidly as I appeal to the young and old market and I usually have something for everyone.


What's currently hot in vintage?

Industrial items are popular at the moment and I have a lot of riveted metal items, including old fire extinguishers. Copper and brass is also a good look.


What's the vintage scene like in Suffolk?

The vintage scene in this area is quite healthy although I see opportunities for more local events to curb the influx of travelling London events to this region. We are embracing the trends in vintage more and more in Suffolk generally. It can be lucrative for the seller as well as good value to the buyer.

Trader Talks!

Chris Mason is a regular trader at Deben Events' markets, along with his French bulldog, Louis. He runs Bulldog Vintage, an upcycling lighting company that gives characterful vintage items a bright future.

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How long have you been into vintage?

I've been buying and selling full-time for four years, but always wheeled and dealed since I was a lad as my dad was an antique dealer in the 70s and 80s - it's in my blood!


How hard is it to find new stock?

I don't really find it hard, there are so many places to find it. I think it's having the right eye and some imagination.


Where do you get stuff?

My hunting grounds are the big antique markets like Ardingly, Swinderby and Newark. Any car boot sale is good. Also, the more you get out there, the more contacts you make within the trade.


What's on trend at the moment?

I don't look for anything that's trending because that's what everyone else does! However, I've noticed a lot of painted furniture and industrial is still in fashion - stuff from factories and workshops.


What's the secret to being a successful trader?

I always look for something that is completely different that other eyes miss. I also buy job lots of gear, for example, hundreds of 1930's tea towels hidden in a storeroom for 80 years!


Tell us some tricks of the trade?

That would be telling... OK, I would say try to be different from the very large crowd of sellers and stand out with unusual stock or the way you present yourself. Be friendly to people because they are your livelihood.

Click on Louis to check out Bulldog Vintage

(left) Bright Buddies - Chris and Louis

Meet Andy and Victoria, the self-titled Lord Rust and Lady Norfolk of the market scene. A highly creative pair, The 'Rusts' have a keen eye for upcycling unusual items to turn them into unique pieces for the home.

Tell us about your business?

We're based in Ipswich. We both worked in jobs that didn't excite us, so we decided to do something else.


How did you get into vintage?

We've both had an interest for many years


Why is vintage remaining so popular?

It's good to have something different to your friends, and with a story of its own.


There are a lot of vintage traders, so how do you stand out from the crowd?

Just look at our stock!


Is it hard finding new stock?

People die all the time and the market keeps moving!


How do you source new vintage things - where are your hunting grounds?

If we told you, we'd have to kill you!


What's the most unusual item you've sold?

An early 19th Century Royal Doulton mortuary slab, which is now someone's dining table


How hard is it to stay ahead of trends?

You have to be dedicated and do your research


What's the Suffolk vintage scene like?

There's been a significant improvement in the last year and people seem to be catching on

Andy and Victoria - Lord and Lady Rust

Tim Clover, owner of Deben Events, is a passionate devotee of all things vintage - from the quirky and one-off to the eye-punchingly cool.

Tim Clover